Data Model

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Different businesses and companies have different needs in product data. Someone needs to store only basic data, another has to store addition information like logistic, certifications (for food, for example), etc. Sometimes, you can even store and manage information such as product reviews, stocks in different stores or warehouses, stores and warehouses itself with all the necessary attributes such as addresses, opening hours, etc. We do not limit you in what information to store in the system.

As a result, it is impossible to create a system that will be ready to store all possible types of information without any configuration. Instead, we give you the ability to customize the system to suit your specific needs, regardless of what information and how you want to store it.

So, Data Model describes what information to store and how to store it.


First we need to define Types. Types define what kind of entities or objects you have in your system. Take a look please at the Types section for the details.


Then we can define Attributes to make possible to fill our objects with data.


And later we can link objects to each other using Relations